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Rank Recognitions
 & Rewards
“Recognizing that achieving our
mission relies on the success of our
Brand Ambassador, Kannaway has
initiated unparalleled rewards and
incentives to applaud top performers,
from thrilling trips and unforgettable
exclusive events to luxurious prize

Dr. Tim Scott, Kannaway President & CEO
Each milestone in Kannaway leads to increased rewards and recognition. We love celebrating every advancement. Even the smallest advancement brings you that much closer to the next rank which opens new financial rewards in the compensation plan, as well as gifts to celebrate your accomplishments and even luxury travel.
Our monthly Celebration Live gives us the opportunity to
celebrate your achievements. These are held monthly on
our Kannaway Facebook Page. We hope you will join us
each month as we celebrate you!

Our live and in person events are where we come together
to celebrate! It is also the place where we hand out our rank
certificates, pin, and recognition gifts. Itʼs your chance to
shine in front of your peers.

Kannaway Rank Rewards

Rank Pins & Certificates

For each Rank Advancement you will receive the highest rank certificate and pin from the last event.

Executives Director

Our Executive Directors are always on the go as
they share the message of Hemp and Wellness.
That is why they are rewarded with a custom
made eco-friendly Kannaway Hemp Backpack
stitched with the Kannaway logo and their name.

Area Directors

Brand new Area Directors receive the custom Kannaway branded watch available in menʼs and womenʼs sizes. A timepiece that will catch everyoneʼs eye!

Regional Directors

Our Regional Directors and above receive a trip
for two to the current Elite Retreat with each new
rank advancement. Kannaway has visited
destinations like Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico and
even Thailand. Set your sights on earning a free
vacation and let Kannaway make it an
unbelievable experience.

Luxury vacations are one of the most sought-after rewards.
Time to explore the world, build relationships, receive
exclusive leadership training and so much more. Itʼs time to
pack your bags and explore with us!
Elite Leader Ranks
The Kannaway Crest is symbolic of our most accomplished leaders – tireless crusaders that are driving positive global change. This symbol is emblazoned prominently on our Elite Leadership Blazers. Positioned directly over oneʼs heart, it signifies the beliefs that Kannaway holds sacred.

The shield represents our strength and resolve to protect the people and products that we hold dear. At the center is our company logo, which signifies our belief in the wisdom of nature, as well as our drive for new and continued growth. There are four scrolls, upon which are inscribed the values that we live by:

Clarity and candor are all but lost in our modern world. Leaders bring clarity - clarity to their people, their significance, and their mission. No person can be followed, who knows not where they are going.

As actions mean more than words, leading by example provides social proof, education, and encouragement simultaneously. Having an impact is far superior to just having a plan.As actions mean more than words, leading by example provides social proof, education, and encouragement simultaneously. Having an impact is far superior to just having a plan.

Our leaders build relationships with people that believe what we believe. Through affinity, connection, and culture, we move forward as one and are therefore indominable.

Loyalty, trust, and accountability are the standards upon which leadership is measured and teams are united. There are no shortcuts to victory, only the repetitious following in the footsteps of the leaders that came before.
Elite Leader Rank Blazers

Each Rank Blazer is signified by a specific color and
is available in both Menʼs and Womenʼs cuts

Crown Ambassador
Presidential Ambassador
Vice Presidential Ambassador
International Director
National Director
Regional Director
Looking for more detailed information on
qualifying for each reward? Read our full
compensation plan.